3 Standard Greenland Roll

The Standard Greenland Roll was the first one I learned in a bathtub of a kayak with a europaddle. I can roll most anything with this roll, I haven't tried a canoe but a surfski worked fine. 

I was self taught but I don't recommend it to anyone. If you're not a total nerd or a Rolling Lunatic (the name of our club) you are likely to give up. On the other hand I have probably tried every mistake I can make. I would like to give you some hints but don't think, or recommend,  that you can learn your first roll looking at, and reading my post. Get an instructor. 

Start by warming up, lean forward over your front deck. Sit up and twist your torso and look backwards then just sit straight and arch your back. Better still, do some yoga regularly or at least stretch and twist. 
Lean forward as far as possible, anchor your paddle to the gunwale. You can see that I don't and the paddle moves away from it's ideal position, a distraction you can do without for starters. Capsize and just be still for a second until your head is close to the surface on the new side. This is where most beginners lose it, they don't keep their tucked position over the foredeck and end up with their head as far as possible from the surface, hanging straight down. The head is heavy, keep it in the water as close to the surface for as long as possible. If you have your head close to the foredeck and thereby close to the surface you can start "grabbing" the water with your shoulders. That is to try to lay flat on your back with the shoulders parallel to the surface. Now simply hold the paddle with your palms up with both hands close to your shoulders and sweep your body out and aft. The paddle will follow you torso as it sweeps and if you have a climbing angle of the blade the paddle will lift you closer to the surface as you turn the qajaq with your water leg. The water leg is the leg which is closest to the water, or down. Your right leg if you are surfacing on the right side of the qajaq. Keep turning the qajaq as your head approaches the aft gunwale, arch your back and push your head further down into the water. Recover on the back deck with the paddle held in a high brace position, palms up. Sit up, if you feel a bit disorientated keep the tip of the paddle in the water. 

Judges note:
As in any roll you may extend the paddle as much or little as you want. Palms shall be facing up and the body shall be leaning back, preferably laying on the back deck.  

This article was updated on 24/04/02

David Täng

<p>David is a Rolling Lunatic! That is; he is a member of the Kayak club called "The Rolling Lunatics" or "Rolltokarna". David builds qajaqs and greenland paddles for himself and for some close friends. In 2022 he finished third in the Danish Greenland Rolling Championships (336p). In 2023 he won both the Danish (348p) and Swedish Greenland Rolling Championships (370p).  Favourite quote: "A wet David is a happy David!" He lives on the west coast of Sweden, in Onsala south of Gothenburg. He is a dedicated Judo player (Nidan) as well as a Windfoil surfer. I'd love to hear from you. You can reach me on: david.o.tang@gmail.com</p>