16 Sculling with the Paddle held Under the Kayak

Of the sculling rolls going all the way around I think this is the easiest. I got a very low volume qajaq so I can easily reach around and then it helps me to tuck low over the foredeck. There isn't much to tell which is new to this roll, If you can do the sculling over the foredeck this is the same, just remember to push with your leading hand and have a wide stroke and an aggressive blade angle. 

As this is the last of the sculling rolls I would like to add a not on paddles for sculling. 
I thought I lost my scull last spring (-23) but it turned out that I simply made a new paddle wonderful for paddling. For a paddle to be easy to scull with it needs "bite" in the water. A paddle for touring should be more forgiving. How many manufactures of paddles makes dedicated rolling paddles? None I would say. So if you don't get enough "bite" or lift in your sculling it might be your paddle. My rolling paddel has a very flat cross section and sharp edges. Very unforgiving for touring, it feels like it has a will of its own and slices in the water at will. My touring paddle has a diamond shaped blade which is very forgiving but with sharp edges to get some bite and better efficiency. Your paddle may be just fine even if it looks different from mine but if you struggle with sculling rolls, borrow another paddle and give it a try.

Judges note:
It's ok to extend your paddle as much or as little as you like.

This article was updated on 24/04/04

David Täng

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