21 Throwing Stick/Norsaq Reverse Sweep

As I had problems with the "Norsaq F2F" roll this roll is even more of a challenge! I'm still working on all of my reverse sweep rolls, even the ones with a paddle. I guess my body hasn't found the optimum position, my sweep hasn't found the correct climbing angle. Oh, yes I can do them but the reverse sweep had a love/hate place in my heart. One of my most used rolls when in the surf and I love it, but I feel I can do a lot better. 

What did I do to make this one work? As with the forward finishing rolls there are similarities and differences but all the efforts I wrote down for the "20. Norsaq F2F roll" applies to the RS (Reverse Sweep) as well, and then some. 

The reaching part is more difficult as I hold the norsaq out during the whole sweep. My hips "click" as I sweep from the aft position, a bit uncomfortable and strange but not dangerous but it adds to the difficulty to extend my arm with the norsaq. I personally sweep quite long, past perpendicular to the qajaq and up to around 45 degrees forward before I pry. This makes the transition to coming up a bit smoother for me as my torso is leaning forward towards the bow at the end of my sweep. 

Leg drive and flexibility of course. I don't use the "explosive" drive when I get to hold a norsaq but the legdrive is forceful. I know that good teachers say that you bow with your head towards your hip on recovery. This doesn't work with my body, I have to go forward and I focus on making my nose and water knee meet. Not that I ever succeed, but you understand the drive and motion. 

Judge notes: One hand holds the norsaq, which way you want. The other hand may not be used to push or slap the water, good form is to keep the non-sweeping hand along the gunwale.

This article was updated on 24/04/04

David Täng

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