6 Reverse Sweep

The Reverse Sweep is also a great roll, love it. 
When I started to learn the RS I had problem with disorientation. The good news is that I can pause as I surface on the new side with the paddle pressed against the aft gunwale until I get my ups and downs straight. The sweep is really powerful if you want it to. I started with just a "transport" from the aft gunwale to perpendicular and then used a pry to recover. This works just fine for the standard RS but with the paddle behind my back or neck it really isn't enough, I need to take advantage of the sweep. 

So now, many years later I try to re-learn the roll with a powerful sweep and legdrive to get the other RS rolls. 

As always, go both sides as soon as you get your first successful roll - it really pays off. 

Judges notes:
You need to come up with just one sweep, no sculling. 

This article was updated on 23/03/25

David Täng

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