26 Clenched Fist Front to Front

I can't make up my mind if i find the Clenched fist rolls more difficult than the Rock rolls. The forward finishing ones are really hard! So, how did I make them work?

Legs! Up till now I have managed the rolls using only/mainly the water leg for drive. That wasn't enough for me any longer. I have to engage the "upper" leg as well. In the hand roll section I explained how I use my stationary hand to push. Now I also use the leg under that hand to push. I feel that I "flip" the qajaq around using both legs, one pull the other push, combined with a turn of the hip. To have that hand on top of the gunwale is a great support to remember to push with my leg as well. You can see that my form is much better now than in the Norsaq rolls because I have to get into the correct positions. 

Timing! Not much more to discuss on timing more than that I need to practice in a positive way, I need to succeed with my rolls. Go back to an easier one if I fail, and practice form and timing. 

Hand position! Same here, not much more to add other than that it is of great importance to reach all the way up to the surface. 

Now, it's ok to do some sculling as I do in the video, but what did I do "wrong" or less perfect? 
A number of things actually; 1. Hand not all the way to the surface. 2. Not enough force in my leg drive. 3. No actual sweep and the pry was lame to say the least. 

Judges note: 
The fingers must be closed during the entire roll.  

This article was updated on 24/04/04

David Täng

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