29 Brick Roll Front to Front

Now, is this roll Brick F2F harder than the Clenched Fist F2F? Is it worth more points? Well, I am not sure. Both rolls are similar in their execution however the mental strain of holding a heavy brick or rock in my hand is very different. The biggest problem is handling the rock above water, to get a good grip on it, to find the flattest surface. Once capsized the weight is neglectable (almost) and the greater surface area compared to my clenched fist is a great help during the sweep and pry. But of course it is heavy and it pulls you down. 

My path to getting the Brick Front to Front roll has ups and downs. This is a hard roll! If I miss out on one detail it will fail. I use a massive leg drive - both legs in opposite directions. I feel it is crucial to get the rock high enough towards the surface before the sweep and pry. To crunch hard to get low on the front deck is no easy task so work on the stretch for hamstrings and lower back.

My most common mistake is not to reach up to the surface enough.  I started working on the roll trying to hold the rock perpendicular to the qajaq but after some help I have found that a forward angle is easier. Second mistake is usually timing... There is very little room for timing errors. Even if I can get every part right, but I start the leg drive too early which results in not using the momentum from capsizing to the full extent - fail. Overthinking on the reaching for the surface will make my leg drive late and I crunch/bow into the water deeper instead of righting the last of the qajaq and swinging my torso over the front deck. 

Positive training is also important for me. Last summer (-22) I failed and failed until I swallowed my ego and started with a small rock, fist-size, simply to succeed. I almost practiced failing too much, it was actually hard even with such a small rock since my mind was set on failing as soon as I had a rock in my hand. 

Practice doesn't make Perfect - Practice makes Permanent! 

Judges note: You may hold the rock whichever way you want but it must be in the active hand. 

This article was updated on 24/04/04

David Täng

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