5 Storm Roll

I love this roll!

When I learned the Storm Roll I focused on moving my head from one gunwale to the other and pushing the paddle with my aft hand. In the beginning i found the forward crunching position a bit strange, but now I love getting low. 

In the summer of 2022 I fulfilled my dream in line of applied rolling. I faced a wave of about 2-3 meters about to break on top of me. It's ok, I put myself in that position so I was prepared. I rolled over before the wave hit and got the force of water on the bottom of my kayak, made a storm roll and paddled to meet the next wave. Nothing dramatic as all went smooth and I was thrilled to carry it out. 

If I get knocked over at sea and have a bit of time to prepare I almost always go for the storm roll, fun, fast and reliable. 

Judges note:
The wrists shall be over the paddle, palms down. The force face on the paddle cannot be changed. 

This article was updated on 24/04/02

David Täng

<p>David is a Rolling Lunatic! That is; he is a member of the Kayak club called "The Rolling Lunatics" or "Rolltokarna". David builds qajaqs and greenland paddles for himself and for some close friends. In 2022 he finished third in the Danish Greenland Rolling Championships (336p). In 2023 he won both the Danish (348p) and Swedish Greenland Rolling Championships (370p).  Favourite quote: "A wet David is a happy David!" He lives on the west coast of Sweden, in Onsala south of Gothenburg. He is a dedicated Judo player (Nidan) as well as a Windfoil surfer. I'd love to hear from you. You can reach me on: david.o.tang@gmail.com</p>