11 Shotgun Roll

The Shotgun or Armpit roll is one of the easiest on the Greenland Rolling Competition list. It's basically a Standard Greenland roll with an extremely extended paddle. This also means that I can get a lot of lift from the paddle and it may "jump out of position" during the roll. So take it easy, no rush! I make a smooth sweep with the paddle out to perpendicular to the qajaq and use the off hand as a counterweight. I need to return to the setup position in this roll to get full points. 

Judges note:
The paddle shall be held against the shoulder, not in the armpit. 

This article was updated on 24/04/02

David Täng

<p>David is a Rolling Lunatic! That is; he is a member of the Kayak club called "The Rolling Lunatics" or "Rolltokarna". David builds qajaqs and greenland paddles for himself and for some close friends. In 2022 he finished third in the Danish Greenland Rolling Championships (336p). In 2023 he won both the Danish (348p) and Swedish Greenland Rolling Championships (370p).  Favourite quote: "A wet David is a happy David!" He lives on the west coast of Sweden, in Onsala south of Gothenburg. He is a dedicated Judo player (Nidan) as well as a Windfoil surfer. I'd love to hear from you. You can reach me on: david.o.tang@gmail.com</p>