18 Successive Standard Rolls

By now you have probably have a reliable Greenland Standard Roll. Normally I try to do my rolls as slow as possible to develop my technique but this is different. Nothing to it? Well if you are satisfied with 3 rolls in 10 seconds fine, no extra info needed. I have seen 6 rolls and that is amazing and it can win you the competition.

So yes there are a couple of tricks to get to five or six. 
First of all, I chase that surface with my head, keep as low to the qajaq as I can. I usually don't lean all the way forward while above water but as I get into the wet I crunch. I have to twist my torso as well, it helps me to get out of the water.

Second, the paddle sweep is quite different. I don't extend my paddle all the way but use the "back part" of it to cut into the water and pull myself in. It feels much the same as when I started to learn Sculling rolls, the first "slashing" of the paddle to get deep. When I get it right, and it is hard to get the correct angle of the blade together with the right force and speed, it really speeds up my capsize. 

Judges note: 
The time start when the head hits the water and a roll is considered complete when the head comes out of the water. 

This article was updated on 24/04/04

David Täng

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