Skin on Frame Material

I've been asked several times where to get material for a Skin on Frame SoF build in Sweden or northen Europe. Here is a list of my suppliers which I hope will be useful for You as well. 

Lumber: I go to my local lumberstore for all straight lumber. I spend time to select the best Spruce lumber I can find. My suggestion is to buy a bit larger dimensions than you need and cut around the worst knots, also to laminate the gunwales to avoid weak areas. Byggmax is my store in Kungsbacka. 

Bending stock: I haven't found "green" or freshly cut bending stock yet but I keep looking. In the meantime I buy Ash planks from Abi Trä in Frölunda (Gothenburg). Same procedure here to find straight grain planks and so far the material I've got is very good. Last build (number 10) I didn't break any ribs but usually up to a third of the ribs break. 

Cloth: The best cloth I've found is excellent! Provided by Marcin Bober in Poland. Marcin hasn't set up a website yet but is very professional in everything he delivers. His english is understandable albeit not perfect but don't let that discourage you. Also don't be alarmed as you may be asked to use his wifes PayPal account, Mimi's Soapery. Among other things Marcin provides Nylon cloth of two thicknesses, 260 grams per square meter and 430 grams per square meter. I've used both and I'm very happy with it. To get in contact with Marcin check Facebook or write me and I'll set you up.  

Thread/Artificial Sinew: Same supplier as above Marcin Bober! Ask for your specific colour, you may be in luck. 

PU varnish: Same supplier as above for 2-part PU, Marcin Bober! Works great! I sometimes use Coelan 1-part PU which I like even better as I don't have to mix it and it handles great. It cost about 3-4 times as much as Marcin's PU so it is very doubtful if it is worth it. I get Coelan from Toplicht in Hamburg. Three cans of 750 ml is sufficient. 

Leather cord: I love to use the traditional deck riggings using leather cords and sliders. I buy round english leather cord from Tjäderläder. 5 mm for the rigging front and aft of the cockpit and 7 mm for loops front and aft to stick your paddle into. 5 m of 5 mm and 0,5-1 m of 7mm cord. They may not be the cheapest but the best I've found. Sorry to say but I don't think they have a webpage in english, send me a mail if you need help.

Pigments: I use pigment in the second layer of varnish to "dye" my qajaqs. As the pigment is basically crushed stone it doesn't fade and is in itself an UV protection. My local supplier is Claessons Trätjära at Ringön, Gothenburg. They also have the best linseed oil! The colours are of course limited but you can always mix them. In stock they have multiple variations of: White, Red, Yellow, Terra (brown), Umbra (brown), Green, Blue, and Black. 

If I can do anything to help or assist you in your build, don't hesitate to contact me at or via Facebook, Messenger, Instagram etc. 

Note: I don't get any benefits from the companies mentioned above. I have been searching for suppliers in my region of the world for 5-6 years and this is the current list. 

This article was updated on 23/12/26

David Täng

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