13 Sculling with Paddle held Horizontal on Foredeck

This is in my opinion the first real sculling roll. 
Some say that you should progress to this roll by sculling at the end of a Storm roll. I never found that to be the same movements or feeling so that didn't help me. In the worst case I ruin a powerful Storm roll. I did try a lot of different ways to practice this roll but in the end I found that what I need is a powerful scull and not much more. As previously stated: "Sculling is Sculling is Sculling" (-Turner Wilson).

My path to the Sculling with the paddle held horizontal on foredeck went through Chest Sculling and then simply by doing the full Sculling roll. I remember the first time I got this roll - I was so surprised that it was so easy! And then I couldn't do it again for weeks... As I practice my Chest sculling I notice that the speed of the paddle through the water is quite slow to get a powerful scull. I also notice that the blade angle is much more aggressive than during a sweep. As I had only done successful sweeps previously this is a game changer. To get a good scull in one direction is ok, but to have it both ways is the trick. This requires a big change in the blade angle, about 90 degrees. If I go too fast or have narrow sculls I don't get the benefit of the great power a good scull can produce.

As you watch you may think that I'm sculling too quickly or not wide enough. True! As the sculling becomes better you get a lot of lift from it. To use that powerful scull I will be up in two or three strokes and that isn't what the judge is looking for. That's why you see "poor" technique from good sculling rollers.

To get full points I need to scull at least 4-5 times and keep the paddle as perpendicular to the qajaq as possible. 

Judges note:
The paddle shall be held close to perpendicular on the deck of the qajaq.

This article was updated on 24/04/02

David Täng

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