30 Brick Roll Reverse Sweep

The Brick roll Reverse Sweep has very much in common with the front to front brick roll so please read what I had to say about that first. I will mainly comment on differences here. 

I find the Brick roll Reverse Sweep a bit harder than the Brick roll Front to Front since I haven't found how to use the sweep in an effective way. I simply move my body to the pry position as in the front to front roll and hope for the best. I need to practice getting more power out of the sweep, or maybe it's just how I feel when doing it? 

My main challenge is to keep the brick/rock high in the water so it is at the surface as I reach the pry position, or "face down float". Not that there is much "float" holding a 4 kg rock over my head. If I succeed with the rock position I usually succeed, but as previously stated, there are no margins for errors. I try to use my legs to hold a "pressure" in my qajaq as I sweep and then as I push the rock down, crunch my abs and try to get my nose to my knee. I want to really flip the qajaq to upright. Here's where an old guys anatomy can get in the way once in a while, to both lay "flat" with my shoulders on the surface and get my hips turned to be able to crunch. I get stuck from time to time, there is no way I can pull off this roll without a good warming up. 

As always I'm not quite happy with my form in the video above but I got up, didn't I? 
A little sculling at the end, well the roll would be accepted but depending on the judge a point may be taken off. 

Judges note: Start holding the brick at the rear gunwale.

This article was updated on 24/04/04

David Täng

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