9 Standard Roll with Paddle held behind Head

This roll require some flexibility. My problem is to lean forward in this strange setup position. As you see in the video above when I'm outdoors in the ice and snow and dressed appropriately, I have difficulties capsizing. I start out in a "face down float" position. 

I know that I can "swing" the paddle over the front of the qajaq to capsize but I try to setup in a static way, looks nicer.
I have to really wait this one out, wait and float up to the surface on the new side before starting the sweep. If I start too early the paddle will go straight down. I can arch my back in the sweep but not press my head back since the paddle angle is controlled by the neck the paddle will sink if I do. 

I believe that you will have to return to the setup position to get points. 

Judges notes: 
It is not required to have the paddle in contact with the gunwale at setup.  

This article was updated on 24/04/02

David Täng

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