17 Successive Storm Rolls

Now this is a set of rolls what can be easy if I only set out to do 3 in 10 seconds or madly difficult if I go for 6. 

With simply doing my normal Storm roll over and over I can possibly manage 3 or 4 in 10 seconds. To do more than that takes practice and some know-how. I got my first introduction at the workshop after the Danish Greenland Rolling Championships in 2022. The winner of the men Championship Noud Jentink from the Netherlands showed and instructed willingly - Thank you Noud! And thank you for your knowledge in the Straight Jacket roll! 

You can see the basics of the technique in the video above. First roll is (for me) just the standard setup, but then it becomes more interesting. The "back" of the paddle slices into the water to about vertical, then the angle change so I get a pull of the paddle as it slices up to the surface on the new side. Once the paddle reaches the surface, the motion reverses and the angle is changed 90 degrees. It is almost like a scull and it feels like a zig-zag motion. I work on the technique in a slow pace and when I get the rythm, I try to speed up. The motion is rather fluid in the video but the pace is slow. 

In competition the time start when my head touches the water and the roll is considered done (awarded points) then my head is out of the water. Minimum to be awarded any points is three, and one point per roll so I can get three to six points per side. That is a lot of points to be gained so I suggest we all start to practise. I say six points which is my goal, but there is no limit, only the 10 seconds. 

A summertime video where I find my technique a bit better. First there are storm rolls and then standard. 

Judges note:
There is no penalty if rolls are preformed after the 10 seconds has passed. 

This article was updated on 24/04/04

David Täng

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