10 Reverse Sweep with Paddle held behind Head

The Reverse Sweep with the paddle held behind head isn't as hard on the joints as some of the other strange looking rolls. It is hard to move in this position so I have found two things important to complete this roll. 

First to have control over my head and thereby the blade angle during the sweep. I have a tendency to bow down into the water early in reverse sweep rolls and if I do that here the blade angle will make the paddle dive. So keep your head up until the end of the sweep. 

Second; I find a pry at the end helpful and the pry in this roll goes the "wrong" way, I push the paddle out, away from the qajaq. That is why do not place the end of the blade on the neck in the setup. See, I got 50 cm or so to pry with if I need it as I do in the second/outdoor roll in the video above.

As the body position is very strange in this roll (as well) I sometimes use the non-water leg instead of the water leg to raise and then the roll becomes a muscle struggle and usually fail. 
When everything falls into place the roll is quite easy as the paddle gives you tremendous power to get up. 

Judges note:
It's ok to take your time capsizing. 

This article was updated on 23/04/11

David Täng

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