Welcome to Qajaq Rolling

This site is mainly devoted to Qajaq rolling. I build Skin on Frame Qajaqs and Greenland Paddles as well so there will be some information and updates for those subjects as well. 

When I started rolling I had just started paddling and I didn't have anyone to teach me. After scanning the net I learned how to do the Standard Greenland roll. After a while and a lot of struggle I found Cherri Perry and Turner Wilsons DVD "This is the Roll" 1 and 2. This helped a lot and I learned not to cheat on the fundamentals. Still there are not a lot of people doing advanced rolls. And if you find one to guide you close to where you live you are one of the few lucky ones. I wish I had a rolling master living close by. 

The idea of this site is to share my journy of rolls down the Greenland roll competition list. What I found easy, hard, what I focus on etc. I do not intend to teach as much as help and come with some hints and tips on what helped me. If you find the story informative or inspiring I have fulfilled my goal. I hope that you and your friends will join me in some competition rolling one of these days.  

This article was updated on 23/03/22

David Täng

<p>David is a Rolling Lunatic! That is; he is a member of the Kayak club called "The Rolling Lunatics" or "Rolltokarna". David builds qajaqs and greenland paddles for himself and for some close friends. In 2022 he finished third in the Danish Greenland Rolling Championships (336p). In 2023 he won both the Danish (348p) and Swedish Greenland Rolling Championships (370p).  Favourite quote: "A wet David is a happy David!" He lives on the west coast of Sweden, in Onsala south of Gothenburg. He is a dedicated Judo player (Nidan) as well as a Windfoil surfer. </p>