14 Sculling Roll with Paddle held above Isserfik

The Sculling Roll with Paddle held above Isserfik or "backrest" is the hardest sculling roll for me. I find it hard to bend forward when my hands are behind me in strange angles and it's easy to engage the wrong leg. 

The detail I spend most time on is how to hold the paddle. WHAT?  YES!  I don't get the full power of the sculling in this position so I really need to have all the power I can get in both sculling directions. If my hands are positioned for a powerful forward scull, the backward scull seems to be more of a "transport of the paddle" stroke. I have found that I hold the paddle best if the edge of the blade comes all the way in between my thumb and first finger. My friend holds it in a different way so you try it out for yourself. 

In all three of the sculling rolls what go all the way around I push with the leading hand and try to hold the trailing hand in a fixed position. When I started practice I pulled with both hands to no use and broke a couple of paddles in the process, they make nice norsaqs. 

Judges note:
Have to scull the way around, not just one sweep.

This article was updated on 24/04/02

David Täng

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