1 Side Sculling

Easy? Well it can be, and not... Whenever I fail any back-finishing rolls I go back to basics - to side sculling. It's easy to start cheating, not using your complete range of motion and the tools available. 
To get a 2 point score you need to show the judge that you have control of yourself and your qajaq. At least one shoulder in the water and tip the qajaq up to at least 90 degrees. Correct, normally you don't try to tip the qajaq over you, you're trying to keep it flat, but this is competition. Give the judge all you can so the scoring is easy, full 2 points per side. 

As you practice, try to get both shoulders, your entire torso in the water, get your eyebrows wet, keep one hand "fixed" over your shoulder, sweep wide and slow. My example may not be the greatest but I'm practising. 

Judges note: 
At least one shoulder shall be in contact with the water. 

This article was updated on 24/04/02

David Täng

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