34 Paddling Upside Down

This manoeuvre is pretty straight forward. I put my paddle under the qajaq, capsize and go. Now there are a few hint to be able to go far...

First of all - go straight! The points awarded are calculated from the straight line and I normally have to paddle next to a line in the water with distance markings. If the water is clear it can be possible to see the line and adjust my path to it. I get 1 point for the first 3 meters and 1 additional point for every two meters after that. 5 meters is 2 points, so is 6 meters. 

I have seen paddlers rocking the qajaq to get the paddle deeper in the water as in a sprint stroke. That is a good idea both for power and for going straight.

To get a low profile under water is beneficial, lower drag, longer distance. I try to have my nose on the deck but it's hard. Hard to see where I'm going and hard because I compress my lungs. 

The most important aspect of this manoeuvre is to hold my breath for a looooong time. I have got some help from free divers. When I practice I rarely measure my distance, more counting the seconds or strokes I make. Counting strokes are easier, seconds have a tendency for me to speed up as I get a bit stressed under water. 

Practice paddling upside down! There are a lot of points go gain and it's not very difficult. It can be worth as much as a Straight Jacket Roll... (23 meters = 11 points)

Judges note: The distance is measured along the straight marked line. 

This article was updated on 24/04/04

David Täng

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