23 Hand Roll Front to Front

The hand roll F2F (Front to Front) is one of my absolute favourites! No attributes, clean, swift and elegant. 
Now this isn't an easy roll, well everything can be easy once you've learned, but it takes good understanding of what to do. If you leave one component out, you will keep visiting the fishes. You may have noticed that my form isn't that great in the earlier F2F or RS rolls, but now I shape up. Mainly because that with the earlier rolls I could get away with it, but not on this one. So, what are MY key points for doing the whole 360 Hand roll F2F? 

Of course all the things I previously talked about, flexibility, torso twist, leg drive, a qajaq that fits you etc. Beside this I have two key points. First; not to reach out the arm perpendicular to the qajaq but at a forward angle. This gives me a feeling of more power and it feels natural to me, perhaps since I practice it a lot. It is also easier to come sideways to the front deck from this position. Second; to push on the qajaq with my non-sweeping hand. In the video above you can see it at the very end of the roll, my thumb is still on the deck and I right the last bit of the qajaq by pushing down.  This helps in many ways. The major advantage is that I don't pull. If I wrap my hand around the qajaq I can stay closer to the deck, which helps, but I have a tendency to pull. If I pull I turn the qajaq the wrong way! It was hard to change my behaviour but I realised that by pushing I let my legdrive go the right way as well and increased the effect. When I pull with my non-sweeping hand I lift my non-water knee as well and the rotation stops to go the wrong way. 

The brief visit in the face down float position which is good and (almost) necessary in the Norsaq F2F is almost gone in the Hand F2F. My feeling is that I move my head from one gunwale at capsize to the other gunwale at recovery. The rotation is faster in the Hand roll so there isn't much time to find the face down float. Now don't get me wrong, it's not that you can forget about it, just that it isn't obvious for me or an observer that I pass through the float. 

Judges note: 
The non-sweeping hand can not be used to splash the surface for support. It is good form to keep it on the gunwhale. 

This article was updated on 24/04/04

David Täng

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