31 Brick Roll Layback

The Brick roll Layback is mostly a mental difficulty. If you can pull off a layback hand roll this should not be too hard. Is it worth 9 points, well....

What I needed to work on progressing from the layback hand roll to the rock/brick roll are a few things.
1. Start with the side sculling. Yes, the first manoeuvre on the list! Now I need to get both shoulders in the water, really arch my back to push my head down backwards into the water. I also do static brace using my free hand to push me further out from the qajaq. With a low volume qajaq as mine I don't need a paddle to do this but it feels good to have it at hand. In the floating position on my back I try to swing my upper body from as close to 90 degrees to the qajaq to my head touching the aft gunwale back and fourth simulating the body sweep in the layback roll. 
2. When holding a 4 kg (ladies 3 kg) rock in my hand I don't want to put strain on my shoulder. To avoid that I hold the rock close to the gunwale at capsize, and when I sweep my body simply let the rock drop. This will also put my arm in a awkward position pointing straight down in the water as l lay on the back deck. If I push the rock down I find that I stretch my shoulder badly and the momentum of the rock can pull me over. 

Judges note: It is ok to push the rock under the kayak as you complete the roll, and lift it out of the water as you sit up.   

This article was updated on 24/04/04

David Täng

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