2 Chest Sculling

I thought chest sculling was a piece of cake, then I started checking what I need to do to get the two points. First of all I need to scull, previously I simply used a pry to recover. To be able to scull all the way up and not rely on a pry is not hard but different and it requires other skills. Second I need to lay down over the front deck, since it's so easy I just sit straight up but that is bad form and not a low brace or chest sculling. 

As I teach - I tell my students to keep the qajaq as flat as possible on the surface and that is good for being able to have a stable low brace. Now this manoeuvre isn't only a low brace, its a chest scull. To get points for a chest scull I need to show the judge that I have complete control of my qajaq. This means that I need to tip it over passed 90 degrees - and possibly more than once. I get the support from sculling, not a face down float and a pry. 

Finally this manoeuvre is great for practicing good form, as the rolls get harder. A forceful leg drive, better sweep etc. 

Judges note: 
The kayak must be tipped over so that at least half the deck is submerged. 

This article was updated on 24/04/02

David Täng

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