22 Throwing Stick/Norsaq Layback roll

This is a rather simple roll, I use to teach it right after the Standard Greenland roll to some students if they show core flexibility. It's the roll to make the transition to handrolls as you can slowly decrease the area of the norsaq until it's just your hand doing the sweep. For that very reason is it a great roll to use as practice for harder rolls. Use your non sweeping hand as a counterweight to recover easier.  I focus on my core twist and try to do it as slowly as possible when I practice. If you have a low volume kayak or qajaq, you can even stop in a static brace before you recover on the back deck. This is a high brace roll so keep your palms to the sky. 

Judge note:
The hand which holds the norsaq must have the palm up during sweep and recovery. 

This article was updated on 24/04/04

David Täng

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