19 Roll with Hunting Float/Avataq

This is a great illustration of one of the difficulties with the avataq roll. I simply love the catapult when my friend gets shot back into the water, thank you for letting me use the footage Johanna. 
As you can see in the sequence above the hard part is twofold, the first to get the avataq (hunting float) around the bottom of the qajaq and then to make sure you don't fall over as it does. 

It's not a hard roll if you have the correct body mechanics in place but if you try it using your paddle only to complete the roll you will find yourself in trouble. A lot of lower body movement to get the qajaq to complete slightly more than 360 degrees rotation. Once I feel the avataq coming under the hull I relax my hips/lower body to stop the qajaq to start another roll. To keep the paddle in the water so I can brace is another good idea. 

Judges note:
It's ok to let an assistant attach the avataq.

This article was updated on 24/04/04

David Täng

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