25 Hand Roll Layback

The Hand roll layback is quite easy. After I had succeeded with the Norsaq layback it wasn't hard to do the Hand version of it. So, do I stop my comments here... No of course not. This roll is my goto roll in my surf/rock hopping qajaq as I find it easier than to set up my paddle under water in current and waves. I always have a spare paddle when I'm not on rolling practice in case I loose or drop my primary. Not that I recommend dropping a paddle. I hold on to the tip of the paddle with my sweeping hand and do a Hand roll layback. 

As I practice layback rolls I try to rely less and less on hands and arms. To come out of the water using only my torso is the ultimate goal and the Hand roll layback is a great progression. I seldom throw my non-sweeping arm over the back as a counterweight and I try to use my sweeping arm as a stabiliser. This creates a feeling of a firm core with fluttering arms.  As you can see in the video I almost immediately turn over on my back, trying to get my shoulders flat on the surface. This is a very active movement, not a passive float. Legs? Well yes, but they do not have to be as active as in the harder rolls, elbow/SJ but it's an opportunity to start practice using the non-water leg. More on that topic down the line.

Judges note: 
The hand must be palm up during sweep and recovery. 

This article was updated on 23/11/13

David Täng

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