24 Hand Roll Reverse Sweep

This is a tough one! In my progression I got the Hand roll F2F rather easily but the Hand roll RS (Reverse Sweep) is another matter. Personally I went back and forth to the Norsaq RS to get the feeling and timing correct. In my opinion I find timing to be one of the most important things as I get into harder and harder rolls. From the Norsaq RS to the Hand RS is a big step in understanding what makes the roll work. Take your time as you progress and practice positively, that is succeed! If you (like I did) struggle and fail all the time you don't learn. I fail maybe twice before I go back and make an easier variant of the roll, in this case the Norsaq RS with half a norsaq extended. That way I succeed and my body and mind get positive feedback. A judo coach made a beautiful statement when he said:-"Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent." So true in rolling as well. If I practice a sequence of motions which fail, I train my body to do the motions, not to change it into something else. 

As with the Norsaq RS extend, reach out your sweeping hand and sweep past perpendicular. Non-sweeping hand on top of the gunwale and push down to help turn the qajaq. Massive use of leg/thigh drive and I engage my legs as early as I possibly can. My aim (mentally) is to have the qajaq righted as I start my forward sweep and turn the qajaq even more after that. In the video above you can see that there is no stop in the rotation of my qajaq but an acceleration as my upper body gets a grip in the water. After that it's just a question of swinging my torso around and on to the front deck. 😁

Judges note:
Start with the sweeping hand on the aft gunwale.  

This article was updated on 23/03/24

David Täng

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