8 Reverse Sweep with Paddle held behind Back

This is a roll that makes me dizzy just thinking about it. First I got used to the reverse sweep and the disorientation it provokes - and now this. I felt like I was trapped in a strange bodylock the first times I tried it, I couldn't move. I had friends looking and standing in the water next to me but since they couldn't do the roll either it wasn't much help. 

First of all, warm up thoroughly! This roll isn't quite as bad on my joints as the Spine Roll but still... 

To succeed I try to get the paddle on top of the qajaq so the tip can come closer to the surface. Otherwise the sweep simply goes straight down towards the bottom of the ocean/pool. For me it's hard to lean forward as much as I would like when my hands are behind me, but I try. The motion is the same as in the standard RS but still it feels awkward. I try to sweep all the way so the tip of the paddle hits the side of the qajaq way in front. To do this I let my aft hand go around my back all the way. I also struggled as I was using the wrong leg, yes this roll takes out the worst in me. I also work on the blade angle, it needs to be a bit more aggressive than normal to give me more power. 
Beside all that - it's quite a fun roll! 

Judges note: 
Need to be completed with the body leaning forward. 

This article was updated on 24/04/02

David Täng

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